New JACKETS & HOODIE Colorways

We have a lot of NEW Jackets & Hoodies. Along with a bunch of New Hoodie Colorways, we have two New Jackets.

My personal favorite is the New CLOUT Magazine ‘C symbol’ Windbreaker (1st pic). Waterproof and perfect over a hoodie during the Winter. Hooded w/ Scuba neck, keeps your head, neck and lower face warm, giving you more protection from overspray, while also keeping you less recognizable. I always liked Black windbreaker’s, because you could easily use black spraypaint to cover any colors you may get on them. Well for those who keep their painting on the low.. Perfect for the yard year around. Well maybe not for those lucky enough to get in the yard, on those hot summer days.. All of our Outerwear is Available HERE..

New SNAPBACKS and BEANIES – CLOUT Clothing – CLOUT Magazine

New CLOUT Magazine Patch Snapbacks in 3 Colorways Now Available.. The Classic ‘C Symbol’ and ‘SJ’ San Jose Snapbacks back in stock as well. We added a bunch of new colorways and our beanies as well. Check out all of our headwear HERE..