HIERO DAY 2014 – Monday Sept. 1st in Oakland


Official Hiero Day Lineup! Hiero Day returns to the Linden Street Brewery in Oakland, CA this year on September 1st (Labor Day). An all ages, all day, free event with three stages featuring performances by over 28 artists. 

More at: heiroday.com

Tribute for @BennyDIAR & @NACE_Tribute, By PEPE & KEMOS


@Pdoubletrouble and @k_e_m_o_s recently painted these tribute pieces on a train for @BennyDIAR and @NACE_tribute, somewhere on the East Coast ..



Just prior to the successful opening of his exhibition in Shoreditch, London, Askew One was in Scotland where he painted a massive 6 storey building at the Townhead Campus of the City of Glasgow College on Cathedral Street in the city centre. More pictures HERE..

Source: The Seventh Letter

What They Saw: 5 Eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown Shooting


As of press time, at least five eyewitnesses in the Michael Brown shooting case have come forward. All five witnesses had distinct vantage points: One person was with Brown during the incident, one woman was inside her vehicle, another woman observed the incident from her apartment balcony, one man was inside his apartment and another man was standing outside.. Article continued HERE..

Source: The Root

Good Graffiti Makes Good Neighbors in West Oakland


The trains run in West Oakland once again. That’s certainly how it feels when you face a stunning locomotive-themed mural-in-progress that spans over 8,000 square feet on the Wrist Ship Supply building. And that’s how long-time Oakland graffiti artists Norman Chuck (a.k.a. “Vogue” @VogueTDK and Mike “Bam” Tyau like it.

Before you rises a full-scale and historically accurate depiction of railroad cars from a bygone era, displayed under the golden banner “West Side is the Best Side,”…. Continued HERE..

Source: Oakland Local


CLOUTONLINE.COM l New items from brands @bennydiar @elusiveca @hallowaysj @1stgen @cukuiclothing @newjackcitysf

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The Online shop has recently been updated with new items from San Jose brands 1st Generation, Elusive, Cukui, Halloway and from San Francisco New Jack City. We have also restocked our black border blank sticker packs and now carry some new items from Benny Diar.

Renos HTK for The Original @MTNcolors

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Edible Chocolate Lego Bricks By Akihiro Mizuuchi


Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi was able to make the ultimate childhood toy — LEGO — even better by turning them into chocolate. Oh, yes. Sure there have already been measly attempts at creating edible Lego, like those hard candy versions you can find at the corner store. But Mizuuchi’s chocolate variety makes for an even tastier building block.- Food Beast

Future ‘Monster’




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