The inspiration for Boogie Nights, John Holmes (Val Kilmer), also known as legendary porn king Johnny Wadd, reappears in the James Cox directed “Wonderland”. The well endowed Holmes hits the screen again, not for his porn career, but for his alleged involvement in the grisly Wonderland Murders. The sleaze tale of “Wonderland” begins after Holmes’ life of fame and fortune has hit rock bottom. Where once he was paid $3,000 a day, the now washed up, self pitying and self destructive Holmes has turned to a life of crime to support himself and his habits – even going as far as pimping his teenage girlfriend Dawn (Kate Bosworth). His desperation for cash and drugs and need for self worth is even more apparent when he sets up a home invasion robbery of notorious nightclub owner and convicted gangster, Eddie Nash, whom he had become close friends with. The robbery, carried out by LA cocaine kings, the Wonderland Gang, reaped $1.2 million and of course resulted in retaliation that resulted in a brutal mass-murder on Wonderland Avenue in the Los Angeles Hills in the summer of 1981. Lisa Kudrow plays his estranged wife who gives one account of the circumstances. Wonderland explores in Rashoman style, how it all went down from various points of view tainted by ego, self interest and drug induced confusion. The title is anything but.


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