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Reviewed by J. Anaya

Ghostface Killah : Fishscale

This album is exactly what I expected; pure uncut Ghost. Of all the Wu-Tang members GFK has had the best track record as a solo artist and Fishscale adds to his rep of consistent bangin’ albums. “Shakey Dog” opens the CD with a story type joint of a home invasion he’s caught in the middle of. What kind of Starks album would it be without his co-d Raekwon, these two continue their great chemistry of tales of crime and Columbian snow on joints like “Kilo” and “R.A.G.U.”. The “Rocky” movie influenced track teams Ironman with super producer Just Blaze with his gritty new age boom bap, which compliments Ghost’s boasting on “The Champ”. Tony Staks comes true with his soul sampling on “Crack Spot” and “Whip You With A Strap” which has GFK recalling childhood beating from his mother. As he did on “Pretty Toney,” Ghost rhymes straight over the soul record on “Big Girl,” I only hope this doesn’t become a gimmick by others. Ironman started this kids, so leave it to him! See, the thing about GFK is he doesn’t have to do what everybody else is doing to still be relevant or respected and that’s what sets him in his own category. All in all Fishscale adds to Ghostface’s catalog as another great album.