Here is an interview I did with the Solid Cold fanatic FATSO of the HW (Home Wreckers) crew based out of friendly Canada. Keep in mind this interview was done quite a few years ago and never made it to print so I’m putting it here for all the online readers to get a feel for this Canadian freight killer. If you’ve seen the video “Reefer Madness” then this man doesn’t need further introduction and if you haven’t…buy it and watch it because the intro ends here… read on for the Q & A. – Philthy Rich

What got you into painting trains?

Growing up as a kid a lot of my time was spent on the tracks hanging out, watching trains and exploring yards. As a teen I still chilled at the tracks having a few drinks and painting track walls. The only graff in my city that I saw was on freights so I got into hittin them too. My first shit was bad, I didn’t know shit or have any scene around me. I wish I had a mentor then. I don’t know what it is really that attracts me to trains and the tracks. I just am…. Part of me belongs there.

How long have you been writing?

I started doing graffiti in 1994. After a few years I began to improve my shit so I guess I started doing graffiti ART around 1996.

American trains or Canadian?

I am a freight head and any rare bird will do for me-American or Canadian.

Give me a good painting experience…

The best painting experiences have been on Fridays with the Home Wreckers crew. We’d meet at the lay up every Friday at 5pm. The workers never finished till about 6 so we would share whiskey and drink while they laid them up for us. I had great times having a few with the boys while rocking an ill rare bird. On the way home was a beer store we’d always hit up. The best times were always when we’d walk the tracks home drinking and bombing. Along the way we hit mad shit. One summer evening walking home after fr8’s it was still light out and we were fucked up from whiskey. There was a billboard on the tracks that extended up to the highway overpass above. I think 4 or 5 of us went up at once and fucked that Pepsi billboard up good. It was dangerous but dope! Good painting experiences for me = homies + train tracks + paint + liquor + a Shape Shifters tune in my head.

Any good chase stories?

Shit. Man, this is a good one and when I was at my fuck everything prime. We went to the double stack yard 5 of us. Going in we met some B – boys (what the fuck were they doing there anyways?). Anyway, that doesn’t matter. We were crushing TTX’s left, right and center just doing fillins and block letters on every line. We all split up and were doing our own thing. I stayed with Davo while Cab, Ceaz and Meow went down the line. We were there for like 2 hours and I told Davo lets get the others and bounce. Shit, I was burnt out and ready for my bed. We were walking towards them and seeing a bunch of lights near them. I thought; “fuck, Cab brought his fuckin nightlight helmet. What an idiot!” As we approached, this big fat old looking motherfucker in hobo disguise rushed us and slammed us to the ground after he said he was 5-0. “Fuck Me,” I thought; “there is no way I am getting caught tonight!” He was yellin’ saying “get down on the ground, do you want mace in your face?” The fuck was pointing a can in mine and Davo’s faces sayin he would spray. I was still thinking, “fuck this cop, he aint gonna get me”. I was pumped! He had us down on the ground and was pulling our packs off. I looked down the line and saw another cop doin’ the same shit with Cab, Meow and Ceaz. The whole time the cop was taking my pack off I was in a half pushup position ready to bolt. He kept screaming saying “get down or I’ll spray you in your face”. He toke our packs off and just as he started to handcuff Davo I pushed into the ground, springing my body up to my feet and started kickin’ rocks out from under my feet. I was fuckin’ off and the cop started to chase me. My partner who was not handcuffed then got up and kicked rocks out from under also. He was off too. Here were two kids running like hell through the yard with a fat pig on our tail. I knew the fucker wouldnt catch me but up ahead in the yard was mad fuzz. We took a quick B-line over 6 active lines to the highway and were out. We got away. The other boys were not as fortunate yet they had great entertainment watching the whole shit go down as they laid on the tracks handcuffed. Fuck the police!

Christina or Britney?

I like genie in a bottle by Christina. And I kind like that new Britney video when she is on an airplane making out in the bathroom. I’d have to say it is a tie.

Pitt or Cruise?

Pitt is pretty buff but the movie Cocktail was dope! I dunno, I really like Cocktail cuz the song Kokomo by the Beach boys is in it and that I like. I have to go with Cruise on this one.


KYT. I seen way more of their shit. They seem way crazier. TSL is up on some reefers, but whatever… Will have to go with KYT on this one cuz I spent hella years catching Jaber on fuckin everything.

Love or hate?

I believe in karma and that you don’t get shit done hating because it just comes back to ya in a cycle…. so I would say love. Love keeps you movin and feeling inspired. I must say though that with graff I have gotten a lot of quality bombing done by having a hate-on. At the same time it is the love of seeing my graff running that pushes me too… yeah, love for sure. That was a tricky one.

Euro paint, Rusto or Krylon. What kind of paint do you prefer?

Rusto, Wal-mart, Krylon, cheap paint whatever. I never really used the collectors edition expensive European stuff but am sure I would enjoy it. Mixing jungle green has always been a pain in the butt so I would like to try more European cans. That shit is really professional looking, but on a fr8, I dunno seeing a full on piece done with bright Montana colors doesn’t seem right.

What kind of cars do you paint the most in Canada? What are some of your favorite cars to paint?

Rare bird’s man. I hunt rare birds. You know what I talking about bro.

Solid Colds? Do you get teary-eyed now that they are all repainted?

I don’t think they are all repainted. A few still float around under different reporting marks. But yeah, I do get upset sometimes still. I now know not to take beauty for granted. I have learned my lesson. Time is limited, life is short, rock hard and spend time with those who you love. Stop sittin on yer ass you fuckin bum and get a move on!

Where have you spent most of your time in Canada over the years?

Mostly Eastcoast. Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I am what you call a ‘Newfie’.

What’s the scene like in Vancouver B. C.? Would you consider yourself part of the “scene”?

I don’t consider myself part of the scene YET, but lately I have started trying to get out more. I am still getting a feel for what’s shaking here and I get depressed as I watch. It seems to be a rough scene here in a couple aspects. There are many writers, many of whom are very talented yet few writers are dedicated to the streets, many writers hate one another here and the city is on point with their buff regimen. How can a graff scene flourish like that? How can a scene develop when there is no community and camaraderie amongst crews who continue to rag one another’s tags, throws, piece’s and then want to throw down all the time? How can a scene flourish when we’d rather talk on Pure Graffiti then go out and get shit done? How can a scene develop when the hard efforts writers put forth get buffed in less than 48hrs? I have painted in every major city in Canada and I have never seen a city so clean and with so many writers who diss one another on such a large scale. I will get ragged for this. Saying this will probably make any graff I do get crossed out from here on in but fuck it. A tag goes over a blank spot, a throw up goes over a tag, a piece over a throw up. Save throws for the city and not people’s pieces. What are you stupid? Vancouver has SO MANY talented writers that would put the city on the map if we had respect for one another and went out rocking the streets relentlessly with an attitude “I am going to battle the buff and win!”

Who is a big part of the scene in Vancouver?

Lately I have been catching mad ENTER shit. This kid is getting up and when I see the shit it gets me really amped to go out and get up. SAMO and OAPH are always up to some street shit. I have seen some good spots by them too. ADLIB pushing DP on the west coast is hype. He’s doing his thing saying fuck the buff. Ummm,… been catching some ill street pieces by NWK mother fuckers. These guys got like multicolored burners that are street level. Oh shit, EZ (NR), Live Free, Run are always up as well. Actually I was looking at my flix last night and I got hella EZ shit documented. A true crusher that fool is. As for the fr8 scene there are a bunch of fools up but what I see the most is KAPUT, LEP, STELTH and TARS. STELTH is a crazy fucker! First time I met him I was terrified. Word up Stelly!

Is graffiti your life or just something you “do”?

I am trying to figure that out. I still struggle with finding who I really am. Sometimes life seems like it makes sense and then the next moment is doesn’t. Do you ever get that feeling?

Not really.

What other kind of things are you into?

Everything except sittin around wasting time doing bullshit. I’m into being on the go and getting shit done. But you know, I can’t tell you much more. I don’t want you guys to know everything about me. Haha..

Have you been in any big art shows? Are you involved in the art scene?

Nah, never did a real art show before. Well, maybe, I do some tee-shirts for I rock some graff styles on shirts and shit.

Have you done a lot of traveling over the years?

Yeah man. I been across Canada, rocked in all cities. Did lots of hopping around in East Coast cities mostly and I spent some time in Europe, mostly Hungary but also in Denmark and Germany.

What are some of your favorite places that you have visited?

Well Europe is amazing of course. Budapest was the best. That city is crushed. As for Canada I really like the prairies and the west coast-mostly because I haven’t been there much. Toronto and Montreal are my favorite because I got a lot of my close friends there. Montreal and Toronto are wicked for graffiti!

Have you painted any cities or yards in the states?

Nah man, haven’t been there since I was a kid traveling through Maine to some beach that I can’t remember. Old Orchard or something like that.

What’s painting outside of Northern America like?

I have not done that much outside of Canada but what I can tell you that it is different! First of all, painting anywhere outside of where you are used to is challenging. There are different rules and things to watch out for. What is important is to not be a naïve fucker when you travel. I was bombin in Budapest and got caught, spent the night in jail because I didn’t know what to be wary of. The other difference I will mention is the mentality of writers. In North America it’s a lot about doing it for yourself and pushing your own name. In North America we don’t consistently hit shit 10 deep like writers do in Europe and just push the crew name. When you look at North American culture it is all about SELF- starts with getting out of your parents house, getting a job, making it for yourself, hardly spending time with family, put your parents in a home when they are old so that you can still focus on self, and get a nanny for the kids so you can still do your self shit at work too. In Europe, it is not about self but family and crew. Weather it is a household or a crew of writers, they take care of one another. Writers push the crew name (think about it SDK, MOA, TKS) and households stay together until a child gets married. Family is number one in Europe. There something we should take from that.
I spent good time in Budapest. I chilled with TDF crew. These mother fuckers were up! I would meet them Friday night during rush hour. There would be 8 of us on the subway and they would crowd around the door and lace that shit with tags. If it wasn’t the crew name they put up, one kid would write everyone’s name while the others kept six. People saw us too but they couldn’t do shit because they always had one another’s back and weren’t scared of anyone. A few of them would rack and when they did, they brought out treats for everyone not just themselves. They would do team pieces on the street. 4 people watched and 4 would be filling and outlining. Seeing this concept of family was very different than what I was used to in North America. So yeah, there is a difference.

What do you think about the whole clean train trend going on right now?

I think it is dope. It is hardcore! But I don’t know much about it. I haven’t done many cleans.

Have you had any run-ins with the law?

Ah, not really. I got a clean record baby.

Have you ever gotten laid over graffiti?

No. I don’t flaunt my shit. People don’t know me and when it comes to graff that is how I prefer it. I have a buddy who I go to the show with. He gets laid but then again everyone knows who he is. He pushes his shit to the girls. I don’t, I live a Clark Kent life. I am ok with that. To each his own.

Who are some of the writers that kept you motivated over the years?

Mostly the writers who I spent time painting with like SECTR and those have been doing it steady year after year and pushin their styles to new levels each year. I admire shit by Canadian homies like REN, SIGHT, KANE, BACON, CAUSR, and DABS ONE! I always get inspired by lookin at mag’s and shit over the years and seeing new KING 157, RIME, NACE, ZINE, ZEPHYR, REVOK. Their shit always gets me hyped and makes me keeps pushin my styles…. Along with that it’s also about those who I see day in day out in my life at the yard or walkin on the street. In Van I see ENTER, EZ, LIVE FREE, RUN, REMIO, ENSOE, DEMOS and that hypes me to get up. They slap me in the face each day and I like that shit. Next year it could very likely be someone else. Whoever is up I guess….

Who are some of your favorite artists, non graffiti writers?

Man, I really don’t know much about art…. Fuck, I have been obsessed with graffiti and nothing else. It is kinda sad….

If you were getting chased and the person you were running with was faster than you and one of you was going to get caught would you trip whoever you were running with?

No. I wouldn’t put someone else down to get myself ahead. And tripping him? What the fuck man, that’s like ratting someone out.

What if they were American?

That still doesn’t justify me tripping the motherfucker so that they would get caught and I get away.

What is your take on Americans and America?

Half of my family comes from New England and I have a lot of American friends too. America has beautiful natural landscape, I love the cities and railway systems but man, I cant help being scared of America at the same time- the ones who run the country- I don’t trust them one bit. Old men with lots of money can’t be trusted.

Would you consider yourself a Rail fan?

Yeah man.

Do you take a lot of pictures of graffiti or are you more into just painting?

Painting and flicking shit is the best. Both… I love both.

Any shout outs?

There is a kid in LA named Tai Ngo. This kid got me into graff. He split early and I would love to have him see where I am today. Yo man if you are out there reading this shit hit me up man, it’s been a minute. Ummm, yeah run yer car off a bridge and buy a bike! You get around much faster. Fuck cars. Get off yer ass and kick down those cubicle walls! Eat healthy and bench with a beer in yer hand. Fuck yeah! Half of what I wrote is true and half is false, nah kidding its all true… Heheh, now I got you thinking. Thanks for the interview it was fun and I hope this mag keeps running for the ages. Respect!

For more FATSO images visit the GALLERY.

– Philthy Rich