Troop was the illest sneaker line in the late 80’s and very early 90’s with in the HipHop community..Read on for more pics).. Ranging from sneakers, leather jackets, full valor sweat suits and other accesories. LL Cool J was the poster boy for Troop, I even remember him on the box of the pair that I bought, come to think of it, the pic was of him at a concert half naked and sweaty…(suspect!) It was mens shoes, kind shooting for the wrong demographic on that one. Who knows, but what I do know is that they were a great pair of shoes. I had the Soloution H.T.’s in white and red. Also at a completly different time I had a red and black sweat suit for about a hot min but traded it for some Dj Magic Mike tapes or some thing to that effect, but men shouldnt wear valor thats for persian princes or guys that own Madonna’s entire catalog. Although me and Fresh were gonna get new Troop suits and big foam-rubber cowboy hats to crash a wedding, but judging from all the gangsters in attendance at the wedding and the beatings that were administered at the reception, we could have gotten away with red and black suits but the cowboys hats would have been unacceptable.