Before if I wanted to use my computer or paint while I was in my chair, I had to have a nurse set up a bedside table under my chair in between the wheels. It did a decent job. It didn’t reach a high enough height and I wasn’t able to move my chair until someone moved the table from underneath.

With moving to my new place, I needed to figure out a way to use my computer and paint without needing assistance. A friend of mine picked this high bar/table. With help from Janette and her family members, it’s been built and put up on raisers for added height.I’m able to wheel in and out from under it allowing me to use the computer and paint as I please. It is wide enough for me to have both my computer and painting stuff set up at the same time.

I’ve only used it with my computer so far. When I’m moved in and have my painting stuff, I think it will need to be raised raised and I’m some other quirks will need to get figured. Once I’m all moved in, set up, and have it up and running I’ll post pictures of the whole set up.

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