Let me start by saying, I just plain like this record.

After some time deep in builder mode, Dez and Nobs have returned with one of the best underground hip-hop albums I’ve heard this year. The chemistry of the duo is evident throughout the project, giving the listener a sense of purpose and continuity that is essential to any competitive record in a market of extremely talented peers.

Named after the lead character in the film Mask (played by Eric Stoltz) Rocky Dennis is self-identifiably “super ugly”. The beats are ballistic and the rhymes are rapid-fire. Nobs’ ability to maneuver samples and drums is prevalent for the entirety of the record. As an MC, I found myself saying “wow…i’d like to rap on that” more than once. Dez attacks each beat with matched intensity, breaking down everything from everyday life in New York to cult icons on tracks like Kat Von D.

The record opens with Streisand Heat Rocks which matches crazy drums and a wild sample with Dez’s no-holds-barred assault on fraudulence. With lines like “I ain’t the pussy emo rapper that be holdin’ your hand” there is no question about what these young men came to do. As a big fan of Sacred Hoop, I was taken back to a time when rap was about rap and the complications which lie therein over hard sample driven beats. Great way to open the record.

The record is a general blast on johnny come-latelys and artists who opt to speak on matters which are not derived from personal experience. Dez & Nobs will not tolerate garbage.

Kat Von D is in my opinion the stand out track on the record. Nobs is able to construct a threatening environment with subtle undertones and bare drum bridges that allow for Dez to make his point very clear: you are not as cool as you think you are. I like that idea quite a bit myself.

Fans of extreme in your face lyrics over golden era-esque production will love this record, not to say that it can not be thoroughly enjoyed by any listener who is able to give it a spin.

The album also features appearances by Icon the Mic King, Louis Logic, P.O.S. and more.

Go pick up the record. It’s really dope and these guys work real hard to bring their message to the people.

Running Length 12 tracks / 49.9 minutes
Available now from Grizzly State
You can find more info about Dez and Nobs at

Rocky Dennis is also available now on iTunes