I guess the saying is true, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So with that said I am bringing you my picks for future prospects in the rap game. I know you might be saying “What makes him qualified to make such claims, who the hell does he think he is, and why should we listen to him?” Well for one I’ve been listening to rap for well over 20 years and have an ear for good music. Secondly I’m hardly biased –  my picks are diverse in style and demograph so I’m far from stuck on one style. These MC’S have been chosen on talent, hustle, and the quality of their product, so without further ado I give you the first installment of “DON’T SLEEP…MC’S THAT NEED TO BE HEARD”.


Florida’s own diamond in the ruff. Ghostwridah is really a complete package of talent, sound, visuals, hustle, and a humble dude to boot. His street album “In Love With My Future” was a great introduction to what Ghost has in store for us and with “AMERICAN ALIEN” just around the corner he will definitely be on “Threat” status for sucker rappers to step their game up.



Tyler, The Creator

Tyler will not be for everyone but I’ll be god damned if he isn’t entertaining as hell! The 20 year old and his crew OFWGKTA have been gaining major attention for their brash, don’t give a fuck attitude toward…well anybody that doesn’t like it. Tyler is one of those rare creatures that comes along every so often that you either love or hate. If you like the rap styling of Kool Keith, Andre Nickatina, Early Cage, or Powerbar Ernie then you can totally appreciate the Odd Future movement.He also self produces his own music and does shit his way; you got to respect that…SWAG! | Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers




The bearded Ohio MC had been making his presence know with the DD172/24 Hour Karate School movement with a few tracks and videos, but none of that would have had me expecting what “Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)” brought to the table. Its title says it all – you could slap this all day and not feel ignorant afterward and he’s actually saying something without sounding preachy or boring which is nice to hear again. Stalley’s contribution to the game is well needed and appreciated.| Stalley – She Hates the Bass




Casey Veggies

17 year old Casey has such a good grasp on how to make quality music that some rappers twice his age still can’t begin to comprehend. His street album “Sleeping In Class” hits all angles of dopeness. His grind is crazy and talent is straight nice, also he seems to be surrounded with the right people to keep setting this standard for the West. | Casey Veggies – Euphoria II



Jackie Chain

Alabama’s own Jackie Chain took rap by surprise a couple years back when “Rollin” hit like a freight train and the list of people jumping on it for multiple unofficial”remixes” skyrocketed. Since then Jackie has dropped a few mixtapes and the street album “Who Da Mane” all leading up to his first major release “After Hours”. Jackie’s ear for beats is top notch to match with his smooth flow and party life rhymes. Even though Yelawolf is Bamma’s shining star right now quit sleeping on Jackie Chain because he’s definitely got next. | Jackie Chain – Molly



Rey Resurreccion

The San Jose natives street album “Sleeping Giants” is a great body of work from the Filipino new comer. Rey breaks down day to day life in San Jo which is new to a lot of people outside S.J. for the simple fact that there has never really been many rappers from the area that caught listeners’ attention, but I highly doubt he will have that problem cause even to my surprise the boy can flat out rap and quite well I might add. | Rey Resurreccion – King of the Town



Jon Connor

The self proclaimed Vinnie Chase of rap hails from Flint, Michigan, the land of the late MC Bred. Jon is really a beast on the mic gaining attention and praise from rap’s elite such as Nas. If his “Vinnie Chase Show” series are just a taste of what he can do musically – killing freestyles as well as original tracks, his album could be one for the books. | Jon Connor – Maniac



Dom Kennedy

Dom has been slept on drastically for the last two years. His smooth flow and sound have definitely helped him make his own lane that I’m sure will be vultured soon. “From The West Side With Love” solidified Dom as that dude and let everybody know he wasn’t going anywhere. Truly another breath of fresh air for the West. | Dom Kennedy – Menace Beach




As if being a part of the power house production crew J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League wasn’t enough, Laws decided to expand his resume from behind the boards into the booth. While most folks should leave that to the few that can pull of both trades Laws found himself in that category of the chosen few. His ear for making beats carries on to picking them also. His two projects “4:57” and “5:01″ were not only solid but had a great sound. What I admire the most about his hustle is that hes’ not using his  J.L. status to hobnob with superstars that they have produced for –  he’s doing it right making the rounds with other newcomers. | Laws Ft. CyHi Da Prynce – Honor



XV came out of left field for me last year. After seeing the cover art for “Vizzy Zone“, I felt compelled to give him a listen – glad I did. His sound as well as content can bridge many different crowds. He started off 2011 on a great note dropping a lot of good material all to lead up to the release of  the highly anticipated “The Kid With The Green Backpack” which hopefully will have more people knowing X to the V. | XV – Smallville (Prod. J. Cole)


J. Anaya | Music Editor

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