“It is a pleasure to post this recent wall + time lapse video Kofie Vs Poesia Transcend in Oakland, California. While Kof was in The Bay on business, he and Poesia were able to get a wall together, this being their first individual wall together. Many thanks to Collabo Arts for capturing a nice simple time lapse of the wall.” – GRAFFUTURISM

“It was good to just get out with Kofie and work on a wall without pressure and just letting loose a bit, especially since didnt have a solid plan for this wall in Oakland. Its hard to really see some of the details that Kofie and myself paint on video or through pictures. The best way to view them is to be up close to truly see the detail and texture that goes into these walls. Its nice to approach a wall like a painting and build up paint with different mediums and techniques. It was a blast to work on this wall in Oakland Kof and get to flex textures with crew.”


Action photo’s courtesy of the Homie Scott La Rockwell

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