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By J. Anaya

How long have you been painting?
I’ve been painting for six years now, but it only consumed my whole life probably in the past three.

What makes you spray objects?
Satan and drugs? No, i make myself spray objects, the ego, the little voice in your head saying more, better, that spot, this spot, just being motivated to keep going, and keep doing.

What or who influence you and your work?
I find traveling meeting new writers and observing their lifestyle for that period of time, really influences me to keep going trying, seeing, doing new things. Everywhere I go I find we are all very similar yet so different, from styles, to lifestyles, from lows to highs. These things influence me to keep painting and tell my stories through my pieces. And represent what I know how I know. The game is constantly being pushed to the limit and we’re all just trying to keep up.

What’s your favorite aspect of graffiti?
Missions, adventures, travel, panels, walls, I honestly love every aspect of graffiti but mainly it’s the adventure and the story at the end of the day that represents these amazing memories that will be with us forever. At the end of the day we will be left with these great pictures with endless memories of life. Sketching and just being able to represent what you feel on this paper or just freestyling on a wall not giving a fuck about anything else going on. Enjoying every second.

Any last words?
Endless shout outs, many thanks. Do it because you love doing it, and always keep your head up! TCP NFNC DBS stay the fuck up. Much love, thank you for this opportunity CLOUT!