Endless Canvas is another zine I found networking on Flickr. I was actually sent Endless Canvas Issue #5 in a package with a really dope screen printed Pobrecito poster and  two other zines published by Endless Canvas “More Beer Less Work” and “Thousands of Years” a zine of graffiti in Rome and Italy.  I picked up Endless Canvas #4 (the one with Pobrecito on the cover) incidentally on my last trip up to SF in December for $5.00 at RVCA on Haight St.

All the Endless Canvas zines i’ve swooped thus far have had dope 2-3 color screen printed covers and about 32 pages of decent quality black a white photographs.  Issues 4 and 5 each have an 8.5″ x 11″ poster in the center, one of which was done by an old buddy I went to high school with (who ended up becoming Roar CBS).

Issue #4 is a collection of graffiti and street art flicks from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles that was released in Winter of 2010.  I really like the silk screen cover which features a different Pobrecito character on each side printed in blood orange and burgundy over cream block. This issue also has an interview with Pobrecito and another with Vegan as well as a little retrospective look at his graffiti past through pictures of old pieces.

Issue #5 is the AURA, ROAR, 7SEAS issue.  Aura’s artwork is on the cover of this issue which is filled with quality flicks, really bay area, it was released in the Summer of 2011.  Features interviews with Aura, Roar and 7Seas which are all really good and of substance.  Dope Roar is in CBS….I just spaced out…I’m really stoned. I’m trying here but the truth is mid-blog my roomie came home put on Dexter and started packing the…Roar.  Anyway it was really cool to get mailed a zine down here in LA that came from Oakland that happened to be showing hella love to someone I used to try and out stretch ears with in ninth grade, not that Roar may even be aware of this but trust me my glass plugs were way cooler than your acrylic horns buddy.  There is no one else that I would have rather had tat me up with a seven-oh-sev than this grimey fucker with more 707 tats than I could count. Proud of you mane <3

That said…buy this zine! Contact: Endlesscanvas@gmail.com



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