By J. Anaya | Photos & Q&A after the cut.

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What made you initially want to spray paint on objects?

When I was a kid, not too long ago, I went to Tower Records and picked up a couple of Stylefile issues. Incidentally, I also started to see tagging and pics of some older kids’ pieces. I thought it was the shit and immediately decided to give it a try… Anyone knows that once you start it’s hard to stop, just felt right. The feeling is just raw and unlike any other art or form of painting.

Is your style inspired by anything?

I feel my style has not even gotten close to where I want it to be, obviously that’s why we keep painting, to get better and progress. But it’s definitely influenced by graffiti on a global scale. I put a lot of time and energy into trying new things but also studying the movement in its various forms throughout all corners of the world. I see something every day that makes me say “holy shit, the game just changed.” And there’s nothing else like graffiti in that sense. I also find inspiration in the art that I do outside of graffiti, friends, music, typical bs.

Has graffiti changed anything in your life goals?

Definitely. As a kid I thought I wanted to play sports or to just take the typical college route, get a degree, a good office job, etc. Then graffiti came. Now I just want to be the best that I can be at graffiti, travel (spraycate), meet all sorts of writers and eventually have my work become professional where I can base my other time off of my painting and not vice versa.

Do you have a favorite aspect of graffiti?

I’d say trying new things, visually seeing my graffiti progress, good spots, and of course getting over.

Any last words?
Thanks for having me, it’s a real honor. Shouts to anyone I’ve ever painted with or met because of graffiti, constant motivation. HUEMS ONE LA over and out.