It’s been my largest goal since the injury and I’m finally back home in the Bay Area. Almost everything I’ve done and have been working on since moving to New Start Homes in Los Angeles after the car accident has been smaller goals enabling me to get to this point. I have also¬† been working on other projects along the way that have been part bigger lifelong goals I’m working towards.

It has been great to be back up North next to a lot of my friends and family. Although there has been some bumps in the road, I have been blessed with how it has all been working out and it is hard to put in words how much he means to me to back and to have made it this far. Although it has definitely been the biggest step in my recovery, it is still just the beginning of what I want to accomplish. Thank you all for the support, it’s always greatly appreciated. There’s a couple pictures of me cruising around in the new neighborhood wearing some gear from the homies at SKATE ALL CITIES, PROS AND CONS, and BLASFOME..


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