Translinguistic is a 64 page graffiti zine from Santa Cruz California that features the collaborative efforts of at least six individuals. Busy drawings of abstract shapes and photo collage, in addition to a mash up of different graff flix fill the pages hardly leaving a single empty space.  Although a bit visually overstimulating due to the sheer volume of pictures and drawings that have been erratically pasted together in high contrast black and white, it is definitely very Bay Area oriented which I love.  I certainly share the authors obvious love for DFW biz which is thematically present throughout the entire issue. The part of me that loves LA really liked finding a little flick of an Erie (R.I.P) tag obscurely cut out an placed on one of the pages.  Almost halfway through the zine there is a little cartoon drawing of a crucified Jesus holding a piece of pizza in one hand and forty in the other that I especially like.  The over all nature of the zine is every thing it should be as it is engaging and the pics are worthy, every time I flip through it I notice something new.  You can pick one up for $7 and every order comes with stickers, buttons and drawings (mine came with a black book sketch that said “Clout Magazine”).

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