Q&A + Photos after the cut. By J. Anaya

How would you describe your style?

Stripped down, my letters are a simple newspaper font, executed in that garbled, manic, nonsensical, ODB way.

What is the driving force for you to paint on stuff?

I like the act of painting; from planning shit, to going to the spot, to painting and all the sights and stories that come with it.

Do you have a preference between walls or freights?

I’m not picky; no need to narrow down options. Maybe if I had an abundance of either I’d feel differently, but I doubt it.

Your Fear & Loathing piece is one of my favorite pieces of graff ever, can you tell us how that came to fruition?

Thanks, much appreciated. That was something I had wanted to do that for a while. It was my take on Ralph Steadman’s work. Since my letters are what they are, I liked the idea of a typewriter with keys flying around. My usual weakness is fill-ins/colors, so keeping those simple made that wall fun to paint.

The wall itself was a sporadic idea; I went to drop off some canvasses to my boy for a show, bringing some paint just in case. I wasn’t expecting much, so I didn’t grab too much and much of it was cheap Home Depot stock. We had no buff so when we got to the spot I wasn’t sure how well the wall would take the cheap paint. Came out nice though.

Any last words?

Better to be a hammer than a nail