Another Bay Area joint for you, You Are Going To Have A Very Comfortable Life is a 32 page black and white zine that emanates East Bay nostalgia.

I immediately fell in like with this one, pictures of blunt smoke outs, graff utensils and Bay ephemera of every kind pervade the pages and bring me back to a world I was all to familiar with just a short time ago.  Stories of high-rides and suburban oriented shrooming experiences are reminiscent of times spent coming of age in the Bay.  This is further exemplified through frequent referral to bay-centric musical tendencies toward Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina; shit I am still all too fond of.  I realized in reading through this how exclusive the experience of being a teenager in the Bay really is.  Our shared predilection for aimless stoned meanderings down country roads, mushies, and hyphy music are all products of that environment.

I really appreciate the authors ability to so completely imbue the pages with cultural sentimentality and to further remind me that I am not the only lower-middle class kid from the Bay to feel the need to convey its significance, and furthermore understand it completely.  I am really stoked to have gotten one of these, God knows I have a pensive and even eradicative desire to cognitively revisit my past on the regular.

Copies of this ish are still available for $5.00

Contact not4profit for the deets.

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