Hand Painted Cover Art

Priority Mail #2 consists 228 of Priority Mail label art labels plastered across 52 pages.  Although the zine is mostly black and white, it does feature a four page full color center spread. The 5.5″ by 8.5″ zine was made in a hand numbered limited edition of 78 and comes with stickers.

The cover of this issue is made of white linen stock that displays two generously hand spray painted splotches in primary colors that drip down its front.  Each zine exhibiting nuances in the color of the linen and pattern of the spray technically constitutes a hand painted multiple, making it even more collectible.  The only thing I would perhaps suggest is that the publications should come in archival plastic bags as to protect the delicate stock and hand painted elements, and also to keep the stickers from falling out all over the place!

Most definitley Bay Area based, Priority Mail #2 shares a multitude of sticker art ranging from graffiti, street art, collage, and even landscapes.  A few of the notable contributers of the graffiti persuasion includes Ader, Gats, Orfn, Broke, Robots Will Kill, BVRS, and Koach.

Both Priority Mail #2 and #1 are available on Works Of Wonder for trade or $6.00.