World Health Organization Finally Cracks Down on Big Pharma

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After considerable pressure from independent health journalists, researchers, statisticians, and some MDs, finally the World Health Organization (WHO) responded positively. Now the WHO is proposing public access to all drug trial papers. Why is this important? Because by the time a study is completed, all the reports are often collated and edited to offer only the most glowing parts of the trial outcomes while hiding adverse event reports.

Sometimes pharmaceutical companies will hire ghost writers to put that final report together and pay a physician to sign off on it as though he or she had written it. The final report is what gets submitted to a medical journal, peer reviewed, and sent to everyone in the medical field showing great results with minimal or no adverse effects. Then it becomes FDA approved, for a fee from the pharmaceutical company, and it goes to market where the reports hidden or swept under the rug manifest as serious adverse effects and deaths among many consumers over several years, during which the patent holding drug company rakes in the bucks while real-life casualties add up, class action suits are filed, and whatever losses are incurred from these suits are easily absorbed by Big Pharma as merely the costs of doing business.

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