Finally Home – @BennyDIAR

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After almost 7 years of recovery, and slowly but surely taking the steps to get back home, it has happened. And by a home, I mean San Jose. Although in a different house, and different living circumstances, I am back living with the same people I was before the accident..

It’s definitely the little things in life that are the most important. Although I have always valued my relationships with others, I definitely appreciate them more since the accident. Being able to spend consistent time with close friends and my God kids has definitely been a blessing. Also, being only a short walk from things like getting my haircut, eating a bowl of pho or some tacos, or just something as simple as going to 7-Eleven so the kids can pick out a snack..

It has also been great having more space to do my art, both on my own and with others. Same with being able to work on other projects, along with having the room and equipment to exercise consistently.  All while being more social and around more people. I’m definitely grateful for these opportunities, and the chance to continue moving forward with my life..

Thank you for all the continued love and support.. – Benny Diar..

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