Paralyzed Artist Paints by Mouth – @BennyDiar Paints Model Train

“I had a rare chance to paint a full commissioned BNSF ‘O Scale’ Model Train, in one session, in one night. I recently ordered a tripod for my iPhone 6+, and I wanted to mess around with the time lapse feature. It’s also a way for me to be pretty much filmed on my own, with minimal effort from others. I edited this on my laptop with Sony Movie Studio Platinum. It was my 1st time using them both, and I’m looking forward to more..
Thank you @Cristovoe, for filming, setting up and mixing paint etc., all while only sleeping an hour at a time, to help me with those various things, while I painted until 6 am..” -Benny

Produced by Da Hermit.. Filmed by Cristovoe, & Edited by Benny Diar..

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