GoPro Music: Da Hermit – Converge ft: Dirty R.A.Y x Bless Ya Soul x Nany x D Styles

What started as a simple concept “Converge” by Da Hermit feat. Nany, Dirty R.A.Y., Bless Ya’Soul, D Styles became a revolutionary vision.   Da Hermit present visuals play out a very relevant theme for our times.  In an increasingly global society music is no different.  Da Hermit collected the best MCs and DJs worldwide to contribute to a gritty hip hop experience.  No longer is it just a “posse” cut.  Instead it is a vision of the society we live in today in which we all must be aware of the powers that be.  It is through music that Da Hermit bridges the gap worldwide all through GoPro technology. – H Boogie