Benny DIAR Quadriplegic Mouth Painter Graffiti Artist Paints Actual Train– Music by DJ D-Styles

It’s been a long road, over 11 years since the accident, and a little over that long since I had been in a train yard.. I’m so thankful, blessed and pumped to have been able to find and get into a train yard, chill enough to paint in the daytime, to have figured out a way to paint a freight train with my mouth, and with three of my closest, what I consider brothers. Especially getting back in the yard and painting a panel with Chris. Also, to be healthy enough and my body strong enough to endure what needed to be done physically.. What are the odds!!.. And on top of all that, fortunate enough to have a new instrumental from @djdstyles off his new album, ‘Noises In The Right Order’.. A special thank you to RAIN (@rizainwashizere), CHRIS (@cristovoe), SOLE, @DJDStyles, @darealhermit, @driftin, DTC KYT and everybody who has helped along the way.. This is a @BennyDiar x @DJDStyles x @CLOUTmagazine