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In Store: @BennyDiar Death Cheater Sticker Packs


We teamed up with Benny Diar to put together a package of 12 stickers . The sticker pack comes with 10 different Benny Diar Death Cheater stickers, along with 2 bonus stickers. Benny also released 10″ vinyl Death Cheater & Benny Diar decals in a limited supply and available in our online store.

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The Online shop has recently been updated with new items from San Jose brands 1st Generation, Elusive, Cukui, Halloway and from San Francisco New Jack City. We have also restocked our black border blank sticker packs and now carry some new items from Benny Diar.


New HALLOWAY headwear and Fleece available in our online SHOP.



“Elusive describes the constant struggle that every one of us goes through as an experience of the human being to define the meaning of life. For all of us, life is an ongoing search for definition, a definition that we seek to live a meaningful life. This ongoing search is what we call The Constant Chase, a theme that is found throughout the Elusive journey since the beginning. A lot of our designs and taglines speak to the curiosity that lives in all of us. The human race is such a vast pool of experiences and we all walk our own paths. Elusive speaks to all paths. No matter what life that you choose to live, all of our paths merge at one point or another. It’s what we choose to do at these intersections determines the terrain on the walk of life.” Click HERE to take a closer look at the entire ELUSIVE line available on SHOP NOW.



Rooted and Grounded in Art & Culture

IN HAWAII, KUKUI is a Candlenut and the tree from which it grows is a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. The candlenut was considered to be the body form of Kamapua’a, the pig god. IN MEXICAN-AMERICAN culture, “EL CUCUY” is known as the boogeyman that eats children who misbehave when they are told to go to bed.

IN THE BAY AREA, Cukui is rooted from a melting pot of chicanos, south pacific islanders, tattoo artists, and graffiti heads. Cukui is driven by art and limited edition designs and excusive releases. CUKUI started as a small collaboration between amigos Orly Locquiao, and Sammy Rodriguez. Since its inception, Cukui become recognized as a new genre in art and streetwear. Click HERE to take a closer look at the entire Halloway line available on SHOP NOW.