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Mouth Painter Paralyzed Graffiti Artist @BennyDIAR Paints Topless Body Builder & Model @ingenuityreciprocity NSFW

This is from the beginning of last year, but with the craziest ever opportunity to paint real trains, this went on the back burner.. Now with everybody going stir crazy, when could be better for something fun..It was good times working with our close friend, Erika Branich (@ingenuityreciprocity), body builder, trainer and dancer. Cameraman @cristovoe & Beats by @darealhermit.. #Women out there, what do you think about #bodypainting/#bodyart? Being a male #graffiti writer, #graffitiongirls has always been a part of the culture. Growing up, ugly gray and brown squares, covered the #city from years of #buffing graffiti. questionPainting any other surface was definitely one of many reasons a lot of us moved/traveled, and definitely a part of my #train addiction.. After the accident, painting #modeltrains became that alternate #surface opposed to only painting canvases. In the next year, the homie @dluver produced a body painting project between the badass @officialmalicemcmunn & i (#NSFW search Benny Diar & Malice Mcmunn on #YouTube 18+).. It had a big response and is something I’ve done a couple times since.. I get messages from #males, #females, #LBGTQ, and #disabled people, with it being 98% #positive. Even so, it’s definitely something that can be, or considered to be #sexist and #chauvinistic. so I wanted to get more women’s opinions.. Thanks for checking out and reading..