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BOTZ3 Dirtbag Dan Vs. Tiger Ty Rematch & No Shame Vs. Joe Cutter

Dirtbag Dan Vs. Tiger Ty

No Shame Vs. Joe Cutter

High Rise Billboard Hacked in Hong Kong

Talk about a visible spot. This massive electronic billboard is on top of the China Online Center, one of the downtown Hong Kong’s tallest buildings, so you know that when Russian duo “On the Roofs” hijacked it you know people noticed. The behind the scenes video follows the daredevils as they make their way to the skyscrapers’s roof to capture some incredible shots. in addition to GoPros the crew employs a drone to fly around the top of the skyscraper as they take it all. Before heading back down, the group hacks into the billboards display to broadcast their own message, “What’s up Hong Kong”, as well as clips from their vertigo inducing video from Shanghai. Watch them both and try not to get too dizzy. – 12oz


Animated Plastic Surgery Video

Watch this animated video showing multiple cosmetic operations take place one after another until she literally falls apart.

Kendrick Lamar “I” video

Skeme Tmt: 3 Yard King Video


COST Arrested After Emerging From Hiatus: NYPD


A New York City graffiti “anti-artist” who became notorious in the 1990s for his ubiquitous “Cost” sticker posters has been arrested after emerging from a 16-year hiatus, the NYPD says.

Hit the link for the full article HERE

Rey Resurreccion – Duck Down (prod. by Goldenchyld)

‘Duck Down’ produced by DJ Goldenchyld of the Bangerz off the soon to be released album Heart Of The City.

Sawe For The Zombie Kids Ft. Snoop Dogg

The electronic music group The Zombie Kids has consulted the talent of Sawe, under the direction ofTomás Peña (Manson Productions), to make a videoclip for the tune “BOOM ft. Snoop Dogg” TZK Remix. We get the ultimate expression of good taste in this genius and entertaining animation which fits perfectly with the catchy sound of the duo. It is impossible to not move your ass to it. – MTN WORLD

TRAV MSK on Melrose Video

The Seventh Letter l Young Trav



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