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Bombing With LUSH

To say that Lush is a divisive figure in graffiti is an understatement. The guy revels in the contradictions, hypocrisies, and inconsistencies of modern graffiti – playing with the outmoded ideas of authenticity in some kind of post-modern street culture pastiche. I’ve tried to make sense of it before, and I’m still not convinced that I’m anywhere near close to figuring out exactly what Lush stands for – if anything.

There’s one thing that gets lost in a lot of discussion about Lush though, is the fact that he’s UP. Everyone seems to have an opinion on his internet presence, or attitude to commercial work, but it’s rarely acknowledged that he consistently saturates cities with his name. To that end, it’s nice to see the guys from Tags & Throws put out this 8 minute documentation of Lush getting loose in the streets of Copenhagen. Filmed over two days and nights, it’s a serious record of destruction. Don’t expect crystal clear insights into what makes Lush tick, but prepare for plenty of action. What else do you want from a graffiti video? – ACCLAIM

LUSH will also be featured in the next CLOUT Magazine issue 13 to be released soon.

SJPD First Bay Area Law Enforcement Agency To Get A Drone

The San Jose Police Department is the first local law enforcement agency to get a drone, according to a new report. And already, concerns are being raised. – ABC7News

Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Campaign Story Trailer

With nations brought to their knees by a global terrorist attack, the world turns to Atlas, the largest private military company on the planet. Power, though, changes everything.

Advanced warfare is available for pre order HERE.



This Saturday at REBEL8 Los Angeles we’ll be releasing the GIANT BLACKBOOK: a personalized journal, 108 pages of wide open blackbook potential peppered with 10 spreads of Giant’s amazing hand scripts and drawings. It’s $15, cash or credit. – REBEL 8

How Sam Rodriguez Found His Fortune l Complex

Sam Rodriguez doesn’t claim to do “street art.” He calls it what it is: graffiti. And graffiti is something he’s been doing since before he was even a teenager.

“Honestly, I didn’t know for the first few years that graffiti was art,” he says. “It was just something you did. [But] then, I was thinking to myself: ‘I want to start developing myself as an artist.’” So that’s precisely what he did.

Sam pursued something that a lot of artists don’t bother to these days: an education. Though no one in his family has ever even finished high school, Sam knows that fortune comes to those who seek it. So he sought to hone his skills with a thorough training in the arts. “It was a chance I had to take,” he says, and it was a chance that definitely paid off, as he has been moving forward ever since. Sam believes that this kind of forward momentum and dedication to taking risks are crucial for any artist. “There’s always an opportunity to grow,” he says, as long as you’re open to it.”

For more on how Sam Rodriguez found his fortune, as well as his most recent artistic collaboration, be sure to check out the video above. – Complex

SUPER SMASH BROS. Mario in real life Tokyo (Fan Trailer)

 3D_Artist l Complex

One Shot, One Kill ft. RoxRite, Pelezinho, Nasty Ray, Ronnie


In the first edition of One Shot, One Kill we are taking you through a one take of getting ready to start our day. We spend most of the year on the road traveling, judging, teaching or battling. Here we try to give you the feel of what it feels like to rush out the door while on tour.
The idea behind this is to show a full round of breaking. We can always make ourselves look good by creating cut videos to specifically highlight our best moves. So with so many videos looking a like, I had to try something new. In a battle you would never cut your rounds up to be a highlight. We gotta rock a solid round to win battles. So with this we give ourselves one shot to hit a solid round. Here’s a closer look at what it would feel like to see someone rock a full round in front of you. – RoxRite



The folks over at Casquette and Company continue putting out quality zines. Their latest offering is Y’all Dont documenting Begr’s sprays across the USA. Everything from the streets, to freights, to clean trains are featured in this 72 page color/B&W 6×6 zine. Limited to 350 copies with stickers included this will go fast so don’t sleep! Order yours today at – JUXTAPOZ

photos via The Flop Box



Opening reception June 28, 2014 | 7-10p
The Seventh Letter Flagship Store and Gallery
346 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Trav is a California-based artist who was raised on traditional letter-based graffiti. Well versed in typography, as well as the use of color, form, and line; he has adapted this diverse skill set to create an impressive new body of work. He draws much of his inspiration from hand painted signs, fashion and geometric patterns. The goal for this show is to create thought-provoking paintings that straddle the line between a traditional sign painting aesthetic, and more colorful geometric patterns reminiscent of those seen within his graffiti. The result of this pairing is somewhat of a departure from his earlier work, which was more heavily rooted in a complex graffiti aesthetic. Forgoing some of the more abstracted letter-forms, he has simplified the lettering to more easily recognizable typography. This was done in order to bring the literal messages to the forefront. Paying homage to the tradition of commercial sign painting, he paints sayings that he finds meaningful, onto wooden panels using oil-based sign painters enamel. Trav’s raw creativity, painstaking attention to detail, and mastery of color and design combine to form an exciting new body of work. – The Seventh Letter



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