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Jeremy Fish’s Drawings Animated Projected In SF

Jack in the Box Officially Releases Croissant Donuts Today

Jack In The Box announces that it will be releasing their own version of a Croissant Donut along with two new breakfast burritos. The new items should be added to their menu today.

The Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito is made with the holy trinity of breakfast meats: bacon, sausage and ham. It’s also stuffed with eggs and cheeses, while the Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito is stuffed with eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon and hash browns. A creamy variant of Sriracha is also added to the mix. Each burrito comes with salsa.

The Croissant Donuts are sold for $0.89 a piece or an order of three for $1.99. The burritos are priced at $3.29 a piece. Prices for each item varies depending on location with tax not included.  

Source: Food Beast

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ‘Harold’s’

Full Kate ‘Kato’ Lambert Feature From The August Issue of Bizarre NSFW


Kate Lambert, known professionally as “Kato“, is a British model, fashion designer and entrepreneur. A native of Wales, Kato immigrated to the United States in 2007. One of the most recognizable faces of the steampunk community, Kato has been called “the supermodel of steampunk”..   NSFW


ILLUMINATIONS: A Spiritual Guide To Lettering a book by @clown_tits


Illuminations is a reference guide for learning how to reach within yourself for creating original ideas based on your own personal experiences. The key subject matter is “lettering”, but the concepts of “immersion” and “projection” apply to all crafts. The entire book is hand drawn/written, so the entire guide is a direct example of what it takes to move forward with effortless confidence in whatever it may be that drives you. The guide is filled with hundreds of lettering styles for references and composition models for tattoos, graffiti, and logos. It all comes down to utilizing eastern concepts and putting them to work for the cultivation of your chosen art. Illuminations focuses on the perseverance and surrendering of yourself to your art and becoming one with the path that the Universe has revealed to you.

Illuminations an entirely hand drawn portfolio filled with hundreds of different types of fonts including tattoos, graffiti and logos is now out of print but recently re-released online on for only $2.99 to be downloaded as a pdf HERE.

Dom Kennedy ‘After School’ Video


A Lady Takes A Selfie Daily For A Year

This is an older video but the first time I’ve come across it so I thought I’d share it with you. The ending gets really interesting with the healing process of her wounds.

Saint – ‘Immaculate’ Full Length Album @7hesaint

RENO: The Original International Canned Beer Festival 8/23/14

Words from CANFEST:

Join us in the Tuscany Events Center on August 23, 2014, for the original international canned beer festival that celebrates the ever-growing trend of canning beer and its benefits. In addition to featuring dozens of breweries from around the world, CANFEST will include a live band, DJ and newly designed VIP area with private tasting booths. A variety of foods will be included with the purchase of a VIP ticket. Come and celebrate the art of canned beer at CANFEST!

For all the info visit the Peppermill home site by clicking HERE.



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