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CONNOTATIONS – 1AM Gallery – San Francisco – Oct 18th.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1AM is pleased to present, “Connotations”, opening on October 18th, from 6:30 – 9:30 PM, “Connotations” will showcase works inspired by tattoo art by Jesico, Tony Duong, and Mark Heredia. Expect to see colorful adaptations of traditional and non-traditional tattoo designs as well as complex, mix-and-match compositions showcasing tattoo iconography from around the globe.

‘“Connotations”’ is a chance to revel in Tattoo relevance” says Bay Area Native, Jesico. For these three artists, Tattoo is about endless study and first hand experience so that it becomes second nature. The compositions in “Connotations” reveal the artists’ devotion to studying the great artists before them and preserving Tattoo as an art from. In the words of Jesico, ‘“Connotations” pays homage to the repetition, creativity, intrigue and wanderlust that is Tattoo.’

Over the course of the last decade, Jesico traveled around the world piecing together bits of knowledge passed down from greater artists in order to develop his own cohesive style. Jesico has designed tattoos and produced art from Japan to Switzerland, and now resides here in the Bay Area making tattoos full-time. Tony Duong and Mark Heredia are tattoo artists at Hold Fast Studio in Redwood City. Both artists work diligently, honing their craft while making their mark in shops all around California.

For more information, visit If you have any questions or would like to request a preview catalog, please email

Estevan Oriol – LA Woman

Estevan Oriol has a pretty dope YouTube channel if you weren’t up on game. He’s been doing a series of videos with girls he’s photographed before – titled LA Woman – that you might wanna check out.

Prepare for eye candy after the jump…

Estria Sunday Paint Jam Photos

Here’s some flicks from Estria’s Sunday Paint Jam, 2013

These artists were personally invited by Estria’s camp to bring life to Castlemont High School in East Oakland, with over 50 murals running currently.


Estria Battle Oakland Photos

Dream by Vyal

The 6th Annual Estria Spraycan Art Battle was held in Oakland this past weekend. Taking the prize again this year was Vyal.

Check out more photos after the jump


EVOL and ALOY are featured in this time-lapse promo video for the new streetwear brand CRSL. CRSL is the brainchild of Tal Cooperman, who’s been involved with Reebok, The Hundreds, and The Seventh Letter in the past.

CRSL is a new brand that embodies SoCal vibes and the lifestyle lived by the dudes leading crazy days and nights that can resemble a three ring circus. The brain behind the brand belongs to Tal Cooperman, a serious industry insider who has been a key catalyst in bringing some of the biggest streetwear labels to the heights that they’re currently enjoying. Now Tal is stepping out on his own with CRSL, a brand that’s already gotten the co-sign from Bobby Hundreds, Pat Tenore, and other west coast streetwear heavyweights.

Yo Gotti ft. TI – KING SHIT

This track’s been out a couple of weeks, but it’s the perfect tune to go king some shit to this weekend. Yo Gotti connects with TI for the song KING SHIT. Gotti’s new album “I Am” drops on November 19th.


Carhartt WIP – Fall / Winter 2013

Carhartt camo shirt black overshirt

Continuing the workwear theme for the day, here’s a look at Carhartt’s WIP 2013 Fall / Winter lineup

If you’re not familiar with it, Carhartt WIP contains more streetwear oriented pieces than their regular stuff. You’ll find workwear inspired themes, but more modern cuts and updated looks all around.

Lots of good shit here, and definitely a few items I’ll be adding to the closet for the upcoming cold weather.

Timberland – Fall 2013


Looks like I’ve been sleeping on Timberland lately, but their Fall 2013 lookbook woke me up. Long known for their iconic mustard colored boots, I’m glad to see them branching out with different looks.

The lineup for this fall has a bunch of pieces that are purchase-worthy. I’ve included a few here, but check out the entire lineup at their site for more.

Graff heavyweights on Banksy NYC dissing


True Skool has a thoughtful piece on why writers in NYC are fucking up Banksy’s much publicized work.

Personally I feel Shepard Fairey’s take was expected – but it’s interesting to see what BNE, Cope, MQUE, and Saber have to say on the topic.

MQ says…

Personally, I like Banksy’s street stuff. His work has a sense of humor and provokes thought. What is exciting is that he is not a public figure and that his only interaction with the public and graffiti is on the streets. Graffiti is a form of self-expression, but also a form of vandalism, so there should be no rules.

If you are at a spot and feel like side busting or going over someone that should be part of the scene. Whatever happens to Banksy’s work in New York doesn’t really matter. People get to see it, if not on the wall then in pictures, people talk about it and react. What more can you ask for as an artist? You paint and the world reacts.

…while Cope goes onto say…

Number 1: Graffiti writers hate. Why would you go over the dude? These graffiti writers get jealous cause he’s gets all the hype. He does a simple stencil with a simple image and a lot graffiti writers feel it’s fake or that it’s not graffiti.

I think it’s kind of wack that people are dissing his shit. They know that Banksy is getting all this hype, so if they cross him out, they get fame. They know people are going to talk about it on the Internet.

Read the full article @ True Skool



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