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Scram Jones – Diabolic

I’ve been feeling everything Scram Jones has been dropping lately. His latest track DIABOLIC is no exception. Peep the technique.

Persue 1xRUN print – Put It In The Ditch, Brah!


Persue just dropped this limited screen print on 1xRUN. For $50 you can hang this bad boy on your wall, or cop a framed edition for $100. Act quick though, because the offer only lasts for 13 more days.

The print was inspired by a fucked up situation on the highway, as SD writer Persue (per-sway) explains.

“Before we left California for the East Coast Rime told me to put some ideas together for our stop in Detroit and at the 1xRun headquarters. He wanted to introduce me to the guys and help push getting me to release a print. Because things were hectic before leaving I wasn’t able to get anything together. By the time I got to Chicago I still didn’t have anything. Rime, Mason and I had been through a few cities by then and were pretty tired. The night before our stop in Chicago we were in Nebraska. Nebraska was fucking nasty as all hell. It is where we hit a patch of black ice and did 4 huge 360 spins down the highway with semi trucks barreling down the highway behind us. All I could get out of my mouth was “Put it in the ditch man”! That became the quote for the rest of the trip.” – Persue

SKEME TMT vs SEEN TC5 Redbull Battle

If you’re into Subway Art, you’ll be geeked as I was seeing this video on The video features SEEN from TC5 battling SKEME TMT on a replica subway car at Red Bull Studio NYC.

Some of yall will probably say this isn’t “real graffiti” – as Red Bull built a fucking replica subway car and STATION setup. To you I say…shut the fuck up and head over to MassAppeal to read about ‘Write of Passage’.

CONNOTATIONS – 1AM Gallery – San Francisco – Oct 18th.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1AM is pleased to present, “Connotations”, opening on October 18th, from 6:30 – 9:30 PM, “Connotations” will showcase works inspired by tattoo art by Jesico, Tony Duong, and Mark Heredia. Expect to see colorful adaptations of traditional and non-traditional tattoo designs as well as complex, mix-and-match compositions showcasing tattoo iconography from around the globe.

‘“Connotations”’ is a chance to revel in Tattoo relevance” says Bay Area Native, Jesico. For these three artists, Tattoo is about endless study and first hand experience so that it becomes second nature. The compositions in “Connotations” reveal the artists’ devotion to studying the great artists before them and preserving Tattoo as an art from. In the words of Jesico, ‘“Connotations” pays homage to the repetition, creativity, intrigue and wanderlust that is Tattoo.’

Over the course of the last decade, Jesico traveled around the world piecing together bits of knowledge passed down from greater artists in order to develop his own cohesive style. Jesico has designed tattoos and produced art from Japan to Switzerland, and now resides here in the Bay Area making tattoos full-time. Tony Duong and Mark Heredia are tattoo artists at Hold Fast Studio in Redwood City. Both artists work diligently, honing their craft while making their mark in shops all around California.

For more information, visit If you have any questions or would like to request a preview catalog, please email

Estevan Oriol – LA Woman


Estevan Oriol has a pretty dope YouTube channel if you weren’t up on game. He’s been doing a series of videos with girls he’s photographed before – titled LA Woman – that you might wanna check out.

Prepare for eye candy after the jump…