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Timberland – Fall 2013


Looks like I’ve been sleeping on Timberland lately, but their Fall 2013 lookbook woke me up. Long known for their iconic mustard colored boots, I’m glad to see them branching out with different looks.

The lineup for this fall has a bunch of pieces that are purchase-worthy. I’ve included a few here, but check out the entire lineup at their site for more.

Graff heavyweights on Banksy NYC dissing


True Skool has a thoughtful piece on why writers in NYC are fucking up Banksy’s much publicized work.

Personally I feel Shepard Fairey’s take was expected – but it’s interesting to see what BNE, Cope, MQUE, and Saber have to say on the topic.

MQ says…

Personally, I like Banksy’s street stuff. His work has a sense of humor and provokes thought. What is exciting is that he is not a public figure and that his only interaction with the public and graffiti is on the streets. Graffiti is a form of self-expression, but also a form of vandalism, so there should be no rules.

If you are at a spot and feel like side busting or going over someone that should be part of the scene. Whatever happens to Banksy’s work in New York doesn’t really matter. People get to see it, if not on the wall then in pictures, people talk about it and react. What more can you ask for as an artist? You paint and the world reacts.

…while Cope goes onto say…

Number 1: Graffiti writers hate. Why would you go over the dude? These graffiti writers get jealous cause he’s gets all the hype. He does a simple stencil with a simple image and a lot graffiti writers feel it’s fake or that it’s not graffiti.

I think it’s kind of wack that people are dissing his shit. They know that Banksy is getting all this hype, so if they cross him out, they get fame. They know people are going to talk about it on the Internet.

Read the full article @ True Skool

Chris Gatsby – Clap Your Hands (REMIX)


Here’s a track from Bay Area artist Chris Gatsby. With production by DJ Hen Boogie (Dereliks), this remix of “Clap Your Hands” will only be available through digital download on “Middlegroud, Morals and Money”. Featuring production from Statik Selektah, Illmind, Da Beatminerz and others, The album is scheduled for a Fall release.

6th Annual Estria Battle – Oakland CA


Estria’s 6th Annual Spraycan Art Battle is going down this Saturday, October 12th in Oakland CA, from 10am to 3pm. 16 people are battling it out for 400 cans of Montana and a BMX bike. It’ll be judged by Risk, Codak & Doze Green.

If you’re in the area head out – should be a good time.


Banksy dissed by OMAR

Looks like locals aren’t too stoked on Banksy getting a bunch of shine in NYC. The New York Post is running a story on OMAR NYC dissing his latest piece.

British graffiti artist Banksy popped up again on Monday, tagging a wall in Red Hook with a 3-dimensional red heart-shaped balloon covered in bandages — which was quickly defaced by a rival artist, according to reports.

Graffiti artist “Omar NYC,” also known as “SWATCH,” spray-painted over the heart and scrawled his own name next to the artwork in front of shocked fans who’d gathered to gawk at the piece, reports the blog AnimalNY.

Crazy that in 2013 you’ve got major media outlets reporting on this shit. Viva graffiti.