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Definitely not disappointed by the video for SHABBA off the new A$AP Ferg release – Trap Lord

The chorus is infectious, they’ve gotta dude dancing like Sha-Shabba Ranks, and the “last supper” scene is dope as fuck. What’s not to like?

Isiah Toothtaker + Gunplay – FROWNIN (BSBD Remix)

Isiah Toothtaker, Gunplay, and Blue Sky Black Death have all been on a roll lately. These three have teamed up and dropped a bizarre, horror-movie inspired video for the song FROWNIN.

The creepy footage looks like found VHS tape of a birth cult, preparing to bring babies into the world and indoctrinate them with some sort of sinister belief system. In other words, it’s right up my alley. Peep game below.


ERASERFASE is an experimental beat music producer from Los Angeles, California.

During the Summer of 2012, ERASERFASE began production on his first solo album… One year, many hundreds of work hours, and 90+ tracks later… we have OBSOLETISM (iTunes / Bandcamp)… the convergence of synthesizers, drums, samples and live instrumentation, ebbing and flowing from delicate hypno-ambient-psychedelic states to swingy un-quantized bass-driven dirty-dirt slappers to nod heads to.

Having recently shared stages with RJD2, PIGEON JOHN, SUNSPOT JONZ, and 2MEX, and touring as an opening act for DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN and A-PLUS… ERASERFASE is back on the road this summer touring the US with AWOL ONE and MINE+US.

LURKDAT – Like A Slayer

All around internet sensation LURKDAT just dropped a retro themed, Gummo inspired video for her track Like A Slayer.

In the video she’s working out with some spoons, trying to mack on her crush at the dance, and of course – eating spaghetti in a dirty bathtub. Check it out below.

Qualmes – B.A.M. (By Any Means)


Some dub / reggae from Reno’s own Keyser Soze. Perfect for this Spring weather.



RYOE - The Creation of Adam

I saw this dope two wholecar set scrolling through my instagram feed and it really caught my eye. I tracked down RYOE to ask him the thought process behind it, and what his motivations were behind knocking out 2 wholecars with this theme. Well, to be honest, the whole idea spawned off of a joke with my boy hiroe while driving home one night after a mission. At the time it was one of those ideas that we laughed about but, who’s really taking it that seriously and there it sat… A couple months went by and I went to paint at basel with my boys from aub. That year we went pretty deep and the walls we had lined up were not big enough for everyone to do their names on so we just did crew work, and within that structure, I wanted to work on my character development so that was my role.. MORE

Antwon – In Dark Denim

San Jose’s own Antwon just dropped his newest mixtape – In Dark Denim (free download).

My favorite cut has to be the title track, with production from Froskees that sounds like someone’s playing post-trap through a clock radio speaker. Hit the link above, or check the tunes below.



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