ZUSA STREET Official Trailer (An Amazing Story..)

The art in the public spaces influence us and enhance our view on our city and whether you run around the lakes of Copenhagen, bicycle through the city or are stuck in rush hour traffic you see the name ZUSA: Four colorful letters sitting up high on carefully chosen locations, created by one of the most respected artists within Street Art.

Back in the mid-80’ties ANDERS THORDAL was a true pioneer within the Graffiti Culture in Copenhagen. In 1996 his life changed radically, as he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Today, 18 years later…. Read more and see full documentary HERE

ZUSA STREET official trailer from Roaddox on Vimeo.

‘We Love Letters’ at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery


In collaboration w/ Benny Diar The “Death Cheater: Evel Knievel” tee & “The Benny” Clout Header Pack


Just released in collaboration with Benny Diar, the “Death Cheater Evel Knievel” tee as well as “The Benny” CLOUT Header pack which includes tee & pull over hoodie.  Available in sizes S- Double X and only in black. For more info visit the web shop HERE.

DOKUMENT Press: Graffiti Cookbook Promo Video

“A rich source of inspiration for anyone interested in do-it-yourself culture.Graffiti Cookbook is a guide to the materials and techniques used within today’s most creative and progressive art movement. In hundreds of pictures and illustrations and a dozen of interviews with some of the world’s most famous artists the authors show how graffiti is made. From spray techniques and hand styles to tools and style analysis, Graffiti Cookbook takes us on a trip around the world in the search of the tricks and trades of graffiti writ- ers. After hundreds of books filled with pictures of graffiti published in the last few years finally one is showing how the artists work. Graffiti Cookbook is filled with tips and examples of how to create your own piece, tag and throw up. These tech- niques can be used on all kinds of materials, textile, glass, metal, concrete or wood. Graffiti Cookbook gives an unique insight in the alternative art world and is a rich inspiration source for those interested in do-it-yourself-culture. Swet, Jurne, Mad C, Skil, Egs and Chob are some of the featured artists in the book. – Dokument Press

Da Hermit Presents: ‘Lighters’ FT. Bambu & Dem One

Clout Lighters

“Lighters” is a song filled with imagery and symbolism. “Lighters focuses on the idea that everyone is being denied the full truth in this world and you have to find your own path to the truth. Once you find it people need to stand in unity for that truth. Someone may automatically think of this song as a protest song to combat the current political landscape, but in reality it is a call to action for unity and peace as dictated by the chorus and cover art. Like when in America people unite under this nations flags in response to a crisis situation, put your lighters up is a metaphor for the raising of the flag while being lied to is this crisis we face as a nation. Producer Da Hermit says, “Lighters is not a political song. It focuses on the thought that everyone is a liar in this world and you have to find your own path to the truth. Once you do and you’re tired of all the lies people need to unite”

Da Hermit a veteran in the music industry was the former DJ of the band Inolence, now currently a working as a fulltime producer / mix engineer. Changing Lanes is the follow up album to his 2005 un/released Droppin’ In On Them. Dem One was raised in San Jose, California and has been a staple in the San Jose hip-hop scene for over twenty years. Bambu was raised in the Watts district of Los Angeles, as a young boy he experienced a life that other rappers have glorified, but rarely experienced.

produced by Da Hermit
mixed by Jerry D tonefreq studios
mastered by Steven Glaze tonefreq studios

“Da Hermit trades his typically dark soundscapes for an upbeat, melodic number, couching Dem One’s measured backpack witticisms and Bambu’s visual second verse to great effect.” – David Ma (Wax Poetics, Ego Trip, Nerdtorious)

“A refreshing blast of tru school socially conscious realness.” – M-SMOOTH (90.1 KZSU Stanford Urban Inner City Experience)

“Producer Da Hermit teams up with Bambu and Dem One for his latest single “Lighters” which is one of those hip-hop tracks that transcends time: packing the punch of a 90’s track while still delivering the sound of 2015 indie hip-hop.” – Billy Jam (HipHop Slam, WFMU)