Clout Magazine Fall 2015 Pom Beanies




We have 8 beanies in shop for this Fall/Winter season, consisting of two knit beanies, two ski masks, and six pom beanies including our popular woodland camo which is woven of heavy duty acrylic and made to last. The entire collection of beanies retails from $16.- $30.00 with shipping included.  For more information visit the online shop HERE.






I just added this vintage ‘O’ scale model train produced by Lionel and custom painted by CHRIS in the online shop. The burner is of mixed media including acrylics and paint marker on a Chicago & North Western box car and is one of a kind. For more info or to purchase click HERE.

4th Annual Hiero Day 2015 – Oakland


The Hieroglyphics are having their 4th annual Hiero Day, in Oakland, on Labor Day. Check out the huge lineup. For tickets and more information, click HERE..

Official Release: Elliott Parker – Sophomore Slump.


Elliott Parker Sophomore Slump Final

SAN JOSE, CA — “Today, August 25, 2015 hip hop fans will get a look inside the mind of Elliott Parker with the release of his debut album titled Sophomore Slump on Sticky Note Records. In today’s challenging hip hop genre finding new ways to be different can be overwhelming. In this instance the best way for Elliott Parker to be different is by being Elliott Parker. Parker’s music can be described as a laid back flow mixed with some wavy, groovy instrumentation.

The love for the bay area hip hop sound is evident through his music as he makes his music based on what his current tastes are. With a hard hitting bass line and synthesized sounds, the lead single, In the Beginning, produced by The Con Men is the perfect example. The album focuses on the many steps it took to becoming a hip hop artist. Parker’s verses are a verbalization of his struggles and the trying times to turn his dreams into a reality. Parker states “My music says everything about who I am at the time I record it. For me it is just a verbal diary for that given moment and feelings about each song could change. The life I live and the crazy stuff I do is what inspire me the most. I don’t sit at home and make raps all day, I like to live a little and tell you about the story later”. An avid listener to L.A. hip hop Elliott Parker blends both northern and southern California regional styles into an eclectic mix that is purely organic and genuinely west coast.

Elliott Parker is getting the most out of life right now. Having fun making music and at the same time giving listeners a glimpse of his incredible journey. Elliott Parker enjoys the art of being an artist. The joy Parker gets from being creative and the love for the culture of hip hop is evident. Elliott Parker is just getting started.”


Sophomore Slump Mixtape Trailer

In The Beginning Official Music Video
Mixed by Jerry D at Tone Freq Studios
Shot/Edited by John Atomos @johnny2good

Twitter: @elliottparkerrr
Soundcloud: Elliott Parker




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