New* @CLOUTmagazine Kids & Toddler Tees

Lately one of our projects has been dropping some new Clout kids and toddler T-shirts. With that reprinting a couple of our classics. The 4 designs are now available, and include the classic ‘Rail Fan’, Clout OG & Header Logos, along with the Death Cheater Logo..

‘Graffiti on the Bus’t’..’ (NSFW Video) @BennyDiar Paints Moniker on Topless Model

I found a lot of body painting footage, on an old laptop, from three or four years ago. Using the adaptive hardware and software on my computer, I have been teaching myself how to edit video, with a new program/app I recently downloaded., This is just a short video, where I do a tag/moniker on a topless body painting model., For the censored social media version, it was the first time I used the blurring tools, and it was definitely a learning experience. Music by Rey Resurreccion using a The Pharcyde sample.. Press ‘More’ for full NSFW Video..